Goalkeepers are amazing people

You’ve probably already heard that OBO is the first choice for players who want to perform at their personal best, no doubt that’s why you are here! In this ‘OBO Keepers’ section you can see some of our top UK sponsored keepers as well as applying for sponsorship yourself.

Some people say getting sponsorship from OBO is like world peace...nice idea, but bloody hard to achieve. We're nice people and would love to sponsor more cool and deserving keepers.... but we have a problem. Other brands rely heavily on sponsorship to influence purchase decisions, but we rely more on our amazing products really helping you play to your maximum ability. To achieve this, we spend many times more on Research and Development than the other protective brands in hockey (in fact by some estimates, we spend more than all the other brands combined! ).

So... it’s hard, but not impossible to get OBO sponsorship. Yippee!

We’ve been running a sponsorship program in the UK for several years now but as the brand grows bigger and bigger the opportunities for sponsorship grow smaller and smaller, limiting the level of support available to all you dedicated goal keepers. We are currently offering sponsorship to individuals playing at the highest levels – National League or International Level.

Apply Now

Please rest assured that we consider all of your applications very carefully before making our decisions but the reality is that we just can’t sponsor everybody!

Have you got what it takes to become an OBO sponsored keeper?