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4 ball drill with Maddie Hinch

Designed for you to sharpen up - Save it as you see it! Featuring four current England internationals Laura Unsworth, Sam Quek, Alex Danson and Mark Gleghorne. Enjoy!

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Flicks low and high with Patrick Smith The aim of the drill is to dive across the goal for a low or high flick and to get up as quickly as possible for a second shot in the air. Beth Storry trains with Spurs Check out this BBC video of Beth Storry training with the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Brad Friedel. Keep training hard Beth, we're all rooting for you and the rest of the girls come the games! Christmas And New Year Our offices are closed between December 22nd 2011 and January 4th 2012. More Stock Arriving...... More stock arriving this weekend. NEW OBO Training! Gone are the days of 'training' by having your teammates pelting balls at you. OBO have been working to develop training aids especially for you keepers. Using three new unique products you can now experience a more appropriate training program. Read more... Website problems?! Regretfully we have been experiencing some technical difficulties at OBO UK, in particular with the website. BRAND NEW - Welcome to the all new this new site show off the latest OBO products in all their glory. The new OBO Keepers section will let you see some of the top keepers using OBO kit and learn a little about them too. Keepers Resources; OBO's new community site Join OBO on the new community site. The OBO Knee Protector has arrived! OBO Goalies around the world have been working together to make a light weight knee protector which offers protection to the knee and thigh, whilst helping minimise injury to the delicate ligaments and bones around the top of the knee joint.